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Rule's! (Forum and in-game)

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Rule's! (Forum and in-game)

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:39 pm

Please follow any this rule's, if any rule will be broken, Consequences will be taken. (i dont know how to spell it)
1:No begging for being an GM. - If we need a new gm we will be talking in private, then talk to the person we think should be GM.
2:No spam Here on forum, either not in-game.
3:Gm's Maybe wont answer directly when you ask them something. Patience.
4:Let every guild member in a raid that the guild are hosting.
5:No ninja In-Game. If you ninja we will get you banned forever on guild and we wll get you banned In-Game.


If you think i should add an new rule. Please send me an message. i will answer, just patience.


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