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Request to remove an Warning!

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Request to remove an Warning!

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:37 pm

Hi, Have you been unfairly Warned,? then youv'e Came to the rite place!
Here you can request to remove an Warning. (When a Warning removed , it will not affect lesser chance to get promoted! so its like it never happend!) The Crew at HellFuryClan will completely forget the warnings if they been removed! So remember request one if you have time.

Okay lets get started, When requesting to remove a warning, if it has passed 3 days since you got the warning you will not be able to request to delete the warning. - Only if it's an ban!
When requesting i want YOU to tell me why you wanna remove it , and why it wasnt an fair warning/ban.

----When requesting please dont make an topic about it, Send an private message to Admin!----

-Remember me (Admin/Svartafrank) will write up the times and dates when you got warned! so dont try to lure us!



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