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*|Donation!|* - Click here if you are intrested to donate! |*

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:02 pm

Hi, Dear member! Are you about doing an cheap donation? When you have donated , You will get alot of futures's , Free name color, Change name 10 times, add posts (Hacked post's) And you get 70% more chance of becoming an Forum Moderator and an 30 % More chance of becoming an Adminstrator wich is an really high rank. 1 donation costs: 1,5-3 £, wich are really cheap. The donation can be done via Mobile Text message/call and Paypal. Phone is the simpliest thing you can go for. You just send an text message to an certain number, you recieve an Text message with an code, Message Admin the code.Whoopsie you become an donator, When you are an donator you will also get 2 Stars in your name and a Donator title.
this is how it will look: *Admin* with blue color (You can choose wichever you want) *Admin*
instead of stars you can choose 2 other things of theese: !"#¤%&/()=^*'¨
If donating 2 times you will be automaticly promoted to Forum moderator. and an 50 % chance to get adminstrator wich is an verry high rank. and you can use 4 stars or any other thing like this !"#¤%&/()=`^*'~¨|<>, so it could look like this <|Admin|> Looks nice huh? Send an Message to Admin if you are intrested of Donate.



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